ACL: Anatomy, Injury Prevention, and Rehab

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By Lisette Salazar The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a highly common knee injury amongst female athletes. The ACL is one of four important ligaments in the knee preventing anterior translation of the femur on the tibia. This ligament is prone to tears due to the mechanism of injury in both contact and non-contact sports. There are various factors associated with … Read More

Healthy Movements & Stretches

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We’re pleased to share this update to our YouTube channel and this growing library of healthy exercises, movements, and stretches you can do at home! Now, if these don’t help with the relevant condition you’re thinking about, you might want to call in and ask about our free screenings. You know that the right movement is paired with the syndrome … Read More

Throwback Highlights

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As we continue with this new blog, news, events, articles section of our website, and… being that we wanted to share this on a Thursday 🙂 — here’s some of our favorite Throwback Thursday video moments!