Recovering from injury and preventing future pains is a specialized skill set in Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

It requires intimate knowledge of the sport, activity, and the athlete's goals as well as game time mindsets to really dive into the deeper understandings of how an injury came about in the first place —and— how to eliminate risk factors down the line.

Personalized Care from Experts that:

  • Understand the sports you play.

  • Appreciate the demands placed on athletes.

  • Keep your safety and long term performance on the forefront.

  • Will get you back to playing at your best and staying healthy!

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We treat all skill levels!

Professional. Varsity. Youth Sports. Kiddos.

Common Sports and Conditions We Treat:





Track and Field


Throwing Athletes


Knee Injury

Back Injury

Shoulder Strains

Ankle Sprains

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