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PT in Motion, Inc., proudly services children and adults for all their physical therapy needs. Winning the title as Top 10 physical therapy clinics in San Diego 2016, PT in Motion Inc has been recognized as best in town; they are also known for their caring atmosphere, especially in their pediatric specialty clinics.

Our Clinical Specialties

Pediatric Physical Therapy in San Diego

Pediatric therapy is an area of extreme specialty, which takes a therapist trained and experienced with a knowledge of normal development and subsequently abnormal development issues.

Common conditions & concerns we are able to help with include:

○ Developmental delay without other diagnosis
○ Hypotonia/ Hypertonia
○ Coordination problems
○ Balance deficits
○ Muscle Disease
○ Spinal Cord
○ Traumatic Brain Injury
○ Orthopedic Conditions
○ Arthritic Conditions
○ Torticollis
○ Weight Management

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in San Diego

CST is effective for conditions such as: Plagiocephaly, Torticollis, Reflux, Migraines/Headaches, Chronic Pain, Motor-Coordination Impairments, Stress and Tension Related Problems, Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome, Orthopedic Problems and many other conditions including autism and sensory issues.

To learn more about CST, please call us at: 858-565-6910.

Manual Lymph drainage and Multi-component bandage are therapeutic interventions that provide effective management of Lymph edema and other conditions such as Venous stasis, Lipedema and post-surgical edema.

Treatment Benefits include:
– Increase functional mobility and quality of life
– Decrease lymphedema (fluid build-up)
– Promote wound healing
– Decrease fibrotic tissue hardening
– Decrease risk of infection
– And, decrease risk of Lymphangiosarcoma, resulting from the most-severe cases of untreated lymphedema.

In 2016, PT in Motion was named as one of the Top 10 Physical Therapy clinics in San Diego. Recognized for not only taking care of the kiddos; PT in Motion, Inc, was given this award for clinical excellence in the general adult orthopedic population.

We treat aches, pains, pre-surgery “prehab,” post-op rehab, custom wheelchair and seating assessments, custom foot orthotics, and we give free injury screenings as well!

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A condition of limited neck motion where your baby holds his head tilted to one side and rotated to the opposite side. This results from shortening of the neck muscles while in utero or with poor positioning.

The risks of complications include:
○ May lead to plagiocephaly
○ May be reduced with stretching, positioning, and exercise, all of which physical therapy can provide.
○ May be related to visual deficits (pseudo-torticollis)
○ Most infants will demonstrate good results within 6 months, however treatment varies

Keep your eyes on the look out for:
○ Head tilted to the left and rotated to the right (Left side torticollis)
○ Head tilted to the right and rotated to the left (Right side torticollis)
○ Sometimes presents with head tilted and rotated to the same sides
○ Weakness of the neck muscles on the opposite side of the tightness
○ Sometimes a firm, non-tender mass may be felt in the mid portion of the tight neck muscle in young infants
○ Flattening of one part of the head (plagiocephaly)
○ Facial asymmetries
○ Delayed motor skills due to weakness

Here Is An Info Chart of Brachycephaly vs. Plagiocephaly

•Head is wider and/or taller than normal •2:1 ratio of right- versus left-sided plagiocephaly
•Face appears small in proportion to head •Parallelogram shape from bird’s-eye view
•Back of head is flat •Eyes & ears misaligned
•Head is taller than normal •One cheek appears “fuller”
•Extreme forehead incline •Angled forehead
•Bumps/bulging above ears •Top of head slopes in one direction

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Treating Pediatric Torticollis

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About Our Approach

At PT In Motion, we take pride in offering a healing environment, designed with a warm and friendly atmosphere where the staff take pride in providing one on one personal care. All patients, no matter what the age, or diagnosis, are made to feel comfortable and relaxed as they participate in therapy programs.