Free Screenings for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

PT in Motion, Inc. has a unique set-up in that we additionally service adult clients of all ages along with our specialty in pediatric patients. Our clinics are designed to provide separate treatment areas for adult patients. Naturally, families are warmly welcomed to bring along children while receiving therapy if needed.

Let’s Not Forget The “Grown Ups!”

In Motion PT, Inc. has additional capabilities to serve non-pediatric patients with musculoskeletal concerns.

Common conditions include:
– Orthopedic Injuries
– Fractures / Repairs
– Joint Replacements
– Spinal Dysfunctions
– Disc Herniations
– Gait Abnormalities
– Balance Disorders
– CVA / Stroke
– Brain Injuries
– Fibromyalgia / Chronic Pain
– Other Neurological Conditions
– Foot Dysfunction and Orthotic Prescription

Custom Wheelchair and Seating Assessments in San Diego

For optimal outcomes, customized seating and wheelchair prescription requires a physical therapy evaluation conducted by a therapist specially trained in this type of assessment. This type of evaluation is more involved than a typical physical therapy evaluation for a back injury for example. The physical therapist who is also considered a “seating specialist”, has both coursework and clinical fieldwork associated with providing appropriate recommendations for equipment.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call us at: 858-565-6910

Custom Foot Orthotics in San Diego

This special service includes a physical therapy evaluation, casting for the orthotic, and one follow up / fitting visit.

It is ideal for clients that need more support than an off-the-shelf non-custom shoe insert can provide.

Alignment issues and pain alleviated by a custom orthotic intervention include those found in:
– Orthopedic Deformities
– Overuse and Sports Injuries
– Arthritic Conditions
– Low Muscle Tone
– Flat Feet
– Lower Extremity
– or, Low Back Pain

An injury screening is an approximately 15 minute assessment performed by a licensed physical therapist.

What to expect during a Complimentary Injury Screen:
During the assessment, a licensed healthcare professional will take a detailed subjective report of your musculoskeletal complaints, as well as assess your movement impairments and discuss how this is affecting your activities of daily living. In addition, an assessment on joint integrity, range of motion, strength and flexibility could be performed. This will allow us to help guide your medical options.

Facilitating the Healthcare Process:
A PT in Motion clinician will be able to recommend the best physician for your specific injury and streamline the process for you in order to see the specialist that is right for your current state and/or care needed for your condition.

A complimentary Injury screening is can be setup by appointment only.

PT in Motion’s Complimentary Injury Screen offers:
– Free assessment by a licensed medical professional
– Convenient and easy scheduling
– Personal attention to your health
– Education regarding potential injury
– Injury care plan or physician referral, if needed
– Peace of mind

For more information or to schedule your free session, please call us at: 858-565-6910